I'd been waiting in the hotel lobby for almost an hour when the girl walked through the entrance. I couldn't help but admire her as she stood there, her eyes scanning the room, a hand pushed absently through her hair as she looked around the empty space. As it seemed she was about to leave a uniformed desk clerk appeared, a phone in his hand. "Are you Ann Marie?" He asked, and handed her the phone when she replied "Yes". As she talked Ann Marie sat down opposite me, and as I listened it was clear whoever she intended to meet there was going to disappoint her. I nervoulsy played with my watch as I stole glances at her, watching as her skirt slowly rode up her thighs as she talked, until I could almost glimpse her panties. A hand drifting down her bare thigh Ann Marie looked up, smiling as she continued to talk, looking straight at me as she began to pull her skirt slowly upwards, exposing her panties. "But I'm waiting for you," she pleaded, her voice suddenly louder so that it carried to me. "You know how much I need it." As the conversation began to obviously trail off her fingers slipped down between her legs, tracing a path between her pussy lips, her eyes locked on mine, until she pulled the material back to reveal her obviously wet pussy. "I have to go." She said. "I have something to take care of..."

You'd better do what she says - Mafia girls mean business!


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