"Do you think the men will like it?" Daphne asked. Bianca smiled and rose from the bed. "Don't all men like their girls to look sexy?" Daphne blushed. "I hadn't thought of it quite like that." She answered. "I just thought it looked, well, good." Her hands absently moved down her body. Bianca looked on admiringly. "And how do you think I look?" Daphne looked up and gazed at her friend. "That shade of red really works with your skin color." Bianca stepped closer. "But how does it make me look? Sexy..?" Daphne blushed a deeper shade. "Well," she started, "I think, well," Bianca looked into the girls eyes as she struggled for words. "you look very attractive." Bianca laughed. "I didn't ask that. I asked if you thought I looked sexy." She paused for a moment, then continued. "Would you like to make love with me?" A shocked look spread quickly across the younger woman's face. "How can I answer that honestly? I'm not a man." Then Bianca took a long, appreciative look down at Daphne's full breasts, finally looking up into her eyes. "What does that matter?" She stated, her hands moving to Daphne's shoulders, then down her body...

You'd better do what she says - Mafia girls mean business!


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