"It was a great idea to come here." Dee beamed. "We should have done it sooner." Cassie agreed. Garnet took a long sip from her orange juice as she watched the two girls. "But why such an out of the way place?" Cassie went on, looking at Garnet, whose idea it had been. "Because I wanted a quiet place where we could get to know each other properly." Garnet smiled. The two girls watched entranced as she ran the tip of her finger along the top of her glass. "And isn't that what you've both been wanting since I met you?" The two girls exchanged nervous glances, realizing in an instant their shared and unspoken secret. "There's no need to blush," Garnet spoke, at last. "Although it is cute." As Dee felt her face redden, she also felt the familiar wetness spreading between her legs, squeezing her thighs together in an involuntary motion. Garnet replaced her glass on the table and casually slipped Dee's dress first from one shoulder then the other until it slipped down to reveal her breasts. As Dee made to nervously cover herself Cassie cupped her exposed breasts in her hands, teasing her nipples between her fingers. Garnet smiled as she looked on, before bending to suck eagerly on Dee's breasts as the two girls kissed...

You'd better do what she says - Mafia girls mean business!


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