I don't know what made me do it. I don't know what was different about that night, what made me make the step that I had fantasized about for so long, but hadn't dared do. Was it that momentary glimpse of Felecia as she dressed for an evening out? Was it that that made me leave my home and crossed to the window of my neighbor? Whatever it was I stood mesmerized, her blue evening dress clinging to her shapely body, her long dark hair spilling down her back. I don't know when she realized I was there. The moment she looked towards the window and our eyes met was electrifying. I was frozen there, unable to move, and for a moment I wondered what she might do. But then she smiled, not the familiar, friendly smile I had basked in before, but a smile that said things that needed no spoken expression. First that blue dress dropped from her shoulders, baring breasts that I had dreamt about, puffy nipples that begged to be sucked, then it slipped down her body to the floor, and Felecia crossed the room and extended her long legs across a chair, exposing her perfectly shaped ass, her thumbs pulling at her panties, easing them down her thighs. Clearly enjoying the attention, she turned to face me, revealing a neatly-trimmed pussy. "Have you seen enough..?" She smiled.


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