The two women sat opposite each other for some time, an awkward silence between them that had hung in the air for minutes. Celeste push a hand through her long brown hair and let out a long, bored sigh. Felecia looked up accusingly. "Do you want me to leave?" She asked. "It's obvious we aren't getting anywhere." Celeste rose angrily. "Why do you have to be like this?" She snapped. "We came here to get things straight. How can we work together with this atmosphere?" Felecia didn't reply, and Celeste quickly realised that Felecia was no longer following the conversation, instead her attention was focussed completely Celeste's body. "What are you looking at..?" She began to ask, but Felecia against didn't answer, and Celeste found herself frozen there, confused by the other woman's attention, until Felecia rose and pressed herself to her. "How can we be friends," she started, "when this is what I want to do..?" And in a slow, deliberate motion Felecia pressed her lips to Celeste's, her hands caressing her waist then moving down to her ass. "Now let's see how close we can really get..." She smiled.

You'd better do what she says - Mafia girls mean business!


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