"You want to take pictures of me?" Melodey giggled. "That's the first time I've heard that line!" She laughed. I smiled back, my hands fumbling with my camera. "You don't just want to see me naked?" She went on. "Of course I want to see you naked," I admitted, "but this is what I do for a living." I had wondered what Melodey's reaction would be, just as I wondered what every girls reaction would be when I asked to photograph them. After she'd considered it for a while, Melodey began to play with her top, obviously wondering just how far she she wanted to go. I raised the camera and when she didn't stop me I began snapping pictures as she continued, lifting the top over her head, obviously enjoying my reaction as she exposed her cute little bra. Then smiling provocatively she started to slip her cut-off jeans down her thighs, revealing matching panties. "Do you like that?" She asked, answering her own question with a laugh as she noticed my growing erection. I fed a new roll into the camera as she continued, easing the bra down until she could tease her nipples between her fingers, her other hand nestled between her legs, gently stroking her pussy through her panties. With a moan she slipped out of her bra and panties and reached under the bed for something...

You'd better do what she says - Mafia girls mean business!


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