Peter couldn't believe his luck. He couldn't even recall just how this all came about. Hadn't he just asked Monica to come back with him? The one thing he was certain of was just why he had wanted her here alone with him. He hadn't been able to take his eyes off her luscious round breasts all evening at the club. But then hadn't Kitty had the same impulse, too? Peter hadn't paid her any attention until she bent to whisper something to Monica, and then he couldn't fail to notice her. He wondered whether he had ever seen such a perfect ass before, and suddenly his mind was full of the sensations of bending her over, lifting up her short skirt and fucking that sweet ass. Perhaps that's why, when he asked Monica back later, his words were also aimed at Kitty. Now as he sat on the edge of the bed, his hands on Kitty's waist and her breasts filling his eager mouth, none of that seemed to matter. He squeezed her ass firmly as Monica continued to undress her from behind, finally freeing her full breasts to be consumed eagerly by Peter and Kitty. "You've been waiting for this as much as I have?" Kitty beamed, one hand working Peter's hard cock.

You'd better do what she says - Mafia girls mean business!


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