John lead the girl down the stairs, and away from the sound of the gallery. When he closed the door behind them the sound ebbed but didn't fade completely until they stepped into the small, private, chamber. "This is where I keep the work I really like." He started to explain as Tatiana shot admiring glances at the paintings that circled the room. "These are really nice," she started, "even better than the paintings you have on display upstairs." she turned and beamed at John. "I feel really priveleged to see this." John smiled and invited the girl to join him on the bed standing between the paintings. "You're the real work of art here." He smiled. "These works are no competition for your smile." Tatiana replied with a shy smile, and John took her hand in his and slowly stroked her soft skin to her shoulder, down to her breasts, then to her thighs as Tatiana leaned back on the bed and opened them. "Let me undress you." He whispered. Tatiana rose from the bed and stood before him, John's hands exploring her, then lifting the dress over her shoulders, finding her sweet breasts and taking them into his eager mouth...

You'd better do what she says - Mafia girls mean business!


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